Digital Onboarding Delivered

The Finbox Onboarding Suite provides a secure & legally compliant way for businesses to digitally verify and onboard new customers instantly.


Liveness Detection

Prevent ID spoofing attacks by establishing user's live identity in real time. Detects if picture is of a live user or of a still photograph

Face Matching and OCR

Compare user's live selfie with photo on ID document or social media. Extract name, dob, document number, address & other entities from Aadhaar and PAN card

Sensitive Data Masking

As per UIDAIs latest guidelines, identity suite masks the first 8 digits of Aadhaar number and returns the image back to client for storage


Full Stack KYC Suite

All types of KYC supported - QR Scan, XML based KYC, Masked OCR of Aadhaar card

100% Compliant and Legal

Compliant with Supreme court's recent verdict on Aadhaar usage. Read more about this here

Cross Platform Support

Works for javascript, android and IOS & server to server APIs.

Flexible Integration

Can be integrated using APIs and SDKs. Also available as a standalone whitelabel app.

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